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jade_squirrel's Journal

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We are nowhere and it's now.

I am strange, and do strange things.
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1334, 1337, 336, 337, 45 grave, a fire inside, aesthetics, afi, alien sex fiend, aliens, anarcho-communism, anchors, animal rights, ankhs, arsenic, art, asphyxiation, autumn, batman, batman sound effects, bats, beards, big burly lumberjacks, bike gangs, bikini kill, black, black flag, black nail polish, blaqk audio, blood, books, boots, bright eyes, capitalist pigs, cement floors, cemeteries, charcoal, chemistry, children, christian death, clandestine, coffins, collecting old books, collecting old text books, collecting useless objects, comic books, cowboy boots, cthulhu, dark alleys, dead bodies, death, deathrock, design, destroying the world, dinosaurs, drawing, drawing comics, dumpster diving, edgar allan poe, elephants, existentialism, fake names, false advertising, fevers & mirrors, fine art, folk songs, fossils, ghosts, ghouls, giant eyeballs, gogol bordello, goth, gypsy punks, homoerotic songwriting, horror, horror films, hot pink doc martens, hunter revenge, jadeburns, jhonen vasquez, killing lights, large crowds, lenore, lord alfred tennyson, love like winter, macaulay culkin, malevolence, malice, midtown, mix tapes, most forms of art, muthafuckin snakes, neuroscience, noise shows, norse mythology, nostalgia, not fibromyalgia, obscure afi references, pain, painting, pavement, philosophy, pirates, poetry, poetry slams, prose, punk shows, puzzle pieces, reading, red lipstick, robin, rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock, romanticism, rozz williams, russia, science fiction, seinifer, sewers, sewing, sex gang children, shakespeare, sharpies, siouxsie and the banshees, slamdancing, smith puget, snakes in a tree, snakes on a plane, space ships, spelling gud, star trek, tegan and sara, the big bang theory, the cramps, the cure, the despair faction, the wizard of oz, tragedy, vampires, veganism, victorian literature, vikings, voltaire, winona ryder, winter, writing, yelling, zombies